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HT Probe

SIRO2 C700 HT Probe

The HT probe incorporates a SIRO₂ C700 all ceramic oxygen sensor. The CP probe comes with an optional ceramic sheath for extended life and additional protection. The probe design is specifically intended for small apertures into furnaces. It is used for measurement and control of oxygen sensitive environments at high temperatures. The sensor operates in situ, and measures oxygen concentration in real time, without the need for expensive gas sampling, or gas extraction equipment. The probe comes standard with an R-type thermocouple.


  • Specific for O2
  • High O2 sensitivity and selectivity
  • High dynamic range of detection
  • High temperature of operation
  • Rapid responses
  • In situ measurement
  • Solid state electronic component – rugged sensor
  • No power consumed for operation under all conditions
  • No bias required to operate
  • Available up to 1400 mm


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