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Oxygen and Temperature Analyzer

The O2TA-2200 is a high performance real time display and data-logger for use with Australian Oxytrol Systems oxygen probes and thermocouples.

The display visualises temperature and oxygen concentration readings over time, as well as the current value. A separate indicator provides a graphical representation of the environment, namely oxidising or reducing. With a separate USB flash drive, up to 48 hours of data can be recorded to a single CSV file. For longer firings, the data capture will automatically roll over to a new file.

The device is designed for plug and play usage, all that is needed for operation is a connection to a power outlet and an oxygen probe with an appropriate cable.


  • Real time:
    • temperature and oxygen level readings
    • graphing of temperature and oxygen levels
    • display of oxygenation or reduction
  • Graphical representation of oxygen and temperature data over time
  • Oxygen concentration in mV or partial-pressure of oxygen. The partial pressure value is in units of percent, ppm, or scientific notation, depending on the order of magnitude
  • Temperature display in °C, °F and K
  • B, N, E, R, J, S, K, & T type thermocouples supported
  • Configurable graph scaling
  • Markers for future reference of events, represented graphically as well as in the logged file
  • Software upgrade facility
  • Record and log continuous data to a USB flash drive
  • Oxygen level and temperature logging at every given time point to a CSV file on a USB flash drive
  • Up to 48 Hours of data logging per log file
  • Remote viewing via wifi, when connected to an appropriate router using ethernet


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